SICAL's Supply Chain Solutions division
an offshoot of SICAL Logistics Ltd
Focusing on catering to Indian industries in the space of Warehousing, Distribution, Value Added & Supply Chain Advisory services.
  • We are a one stop supply chain and logistic solution provider who work to fulfil all the end-to-end requirements of a value-centric ambitious client, straight from ‘conception to execution’.
  • We cover the complete life cycle of supply chain management.
  • Our aim is to cater to the needs of various industries in the circumference of Distribution, warehousing, value added and advisory services.
  • The x-factor which differentiates Sical from other competitors in the market is our capacity to wisely understand our client’s requirements and provide a cost effective solution, meanwhile ensuring the quality and integrity of our work.
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  • Sical handles the entire scope of Supply Chain activities ranging from storage to distribution and reverse logistics for Cafe Coffee Day. We cater to 2000+outlets across India. The end-to-end flow of dry and refrigerated cargo of Coffee Day Group is handled by us. It sets an example for our network capability.
  • Sical believes in providing a customized solution for our clients based on the respective industry they belong to. We interpret their logistics needs clearly and fulfil their requirement through a well planned infrastructure.