Sical, with a strong logistics background in integrated logistics forayed in to consulting services assisting Small & Medium organizations avail the benefit of expert analysis of their existing supply chain scenario, facilities, network & processes.

We provide cost effective services in uncovering the hidden challenges & opportunities in your organization’s supply chain helping you take corrective actions with minimal effort or investment. This will lead you to en-cash on possible improvements from re-engineering of your existing processes, cost optimization and resulting increase in profitability as well as aligning your organization with the best practices in the industry.

Sical’s advisory services are focused on Warehousing, Distribution, Network improvement areas as highlighted below.


  • Process Study As-Is
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Map against best practices / industry norms
  • Warehouse Value & Process Mapping (Revenue Augmentation, Cost Reduction)
  • Define To-Be
  • Study IT Landscape
  • Devise savings opportunities


  • Transport Optimization
  • Solutioning for consolidation
  • Network efficiency & effectiveness
  • Operational efficiency
  • Route planning

Network Modelling

  • Network Optimization & re-structuring
  • Network Re-design

Sical’s advisory services work at different tasks or services as per the opportunity identified by our team or to address the pain areas at the organization’s Supply Chain Network.

We would be glad to propose a dip-stick study to ascertain the same for your organization.

Please touch base with our Advisory Services Team ( to take it forward.