At Sical, we comprehend the sensitive and high value nature of electronic goods and realise the need for a tailor made solution suited just for your application. Electronic good’s warehousing and transportation have its own set of unique logistic challenges. Highly technical electronic accessories or white goods specially consider factors like safe handling and smooth movement and needs a highly secure environment, simulated preventive measures and systematic packaging for long distance transportation. Our offerings are specially crafted for electronics industry which enables us to maintain and establish deep rooted ties with our clients.

Our expertise

  • Strong rooms for high value goods.
  • Reverse logistics to manage warranty services
  • Bonded warehouses
  • Customized transport services through Biker delivery and Air cargo
  • Fast and on time delivery
  • SLA which addresses factors like transit damages and delays
  • Proper handling of critical and time bound deliveries
  • Value building through cost optimization in a multimodal
  • Proper identification and separation of low and high value products thereby increasing the yield of returned products.
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