At Sical, we apprehend the sensitive and expensive nature of the electronic components used and realise the need for a tailor made solution suited just for your application as every enterprise comes with their own unique set of logistic challenges.   Also, High-tech Electronic accessories or white goods specially call for stringent quality and hygiene requirements, but more importantly require tight security, counterfeit prevention and ample packaging to take on those long distance transport hauls. Sical’s primary focus to conduct value based business has enabled Sical to establish deep rooted ties with the clients.




At Sical, we delve deep to ascertain the flow of your business and exclusively chalk out a plan to optimize and streamline logistics through progression of design, implementation, execution and continuous improvement, frequently revealing additional ways to create value within your operations




  • Unmatched quality of service
  • Quick and on time delivery
  • Best price
  • Manage supplier and subcontractor relationships
  • Optimize transportation
  • Operate distribution centers
  • Coordinate inbound and outbound flow




At Sical, we have amassed an in-depth understanding of the electronics and consumer durables industry and a wealth of experience in helping some of the largest organisations automate and manage their processes. We also understand that every electronics & consumer durable company that caters to today’s consumer, requires to provide quality products, available freely on demand, with the lowest rate of goods return or “in- warranty” after-sales service. Hence, it becomes essential to consistently get it right, every single time.


Work-In-Process Tracking, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Traceability solutions for Quality Management, Warranty Tracking, Field Force Automation, Reverse Logistics Management and Vendor Management are the reasons for success of any electronics or consumer goods organisation and Sical steps in with  software solutions integrate Barcoding, RFID, Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise WLAN and Factory Automation to most of the ERPs to provide with real time visibility of your complete supply chain with actionable precise information.