Some key pointers which have encouraged the growing inclination of pharmaceutical companies towards outsourcing logistics services are cost reduction and professionalism in logistics service and delivery.  Sical meets the requirement with our well-organized infrastructure and the ability to handle diverse requirements. Our leading-edge approach ensures complete reliability and security in every operation.

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Sical Assurance

We work towards seamlessly fulfilling our customer’s requirements as we understand the diverse nature of services required by pharmaceutical industry when it comes to logistics. Sical gives the assurance that the services would be completely customer oriented, so that clients can get maximum benefits out of our services. Keeping the product sensitivity in mind, Sical ensures service delivery in a flawless manner, with a high level of quality maintained at cost effective pricing.

Our expertise

Sical constantly refines Pharma logistics processes through continuous monitoring, deliberation and analysis of operations. Our tactful methodologies provide optimized solutions through:

  • Updated, smart technologies to provide product status / visibility
  • Zero margin for error through stringent execution of SOP
  • Flawless Time management – Monitored 24/7 by in-house Control Tower
  • Utmost protection of goods during transportation – moved through customized vehicles adapted for Pharmaceutical products
  • Expertise in handling pharmaceutical products with industry know how
  • 100% legal compliance
  • Customized warehouse space and facilities
  • Trucking capacity strengthened through collaborations to reduce retaining of goods.
  • Presence in tier I, II & tier III cities
  • Trained manpower on guidelines to be followed for pharmaceutical & medical equipment industry for warehouse as well as transportation.