Transportation forms an important component of supply chain and is a major contributor in a company’s success and customer’s contentment.

Equipped with an outstanding network and vast workforce, Sical’s National transportation team works relentlessly to satisfy our clients.

All the major Transportation related activities like primary & secondary logistics, Milk Run, Reverse Logistics, 3rd Party Procurement Services, deploying modified vehicles on demand, supplier management and intra-city and inter-city distribution, are efficiently provided by our team.

Sical with the help of advanced technologies provide our clients with convenience and complete traceability. Our in-house Control tower team provides end-to-end traceability & visibility for all your shipments. IOT enabled systems like GPS, Real time tracking solutions are in place.

Whether the transportation of products is happening between manufacturing plants and warehouses or between distributors of different regions, Sical makes this tedious task smooth and safe, meanwhile adhering to delivery timelines and SLA.

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  • 800+ owned and leased fleet size
  • 20000+ pin codes.
  • Moving 6500+ tons of cargo across India every month.

Our Transportation KPI’S

  • Turnaround time
  • Accurate & safe movement
  • Transit time
  • On time delivery
Multimodal Solution

In today’s fast paced world and on-going demands of customers every business is trying hard in its own ways to ensure the product quality and delivery timelines.

Sical provides a number of different transportation modes which are customized according to the clients’ requirements.

The following are the key features which Sical provides which attracts customers:-

Because of all the aforementioned features Sical provides, we are a source of multimodal solution for the requirements of customers.

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